We Believe in Transparency

Financial Management

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can raise a every person of society and create a better future for them.


Team Hape’s funding comes primarily from government, individual donors, corporations, foundations, trusts, and businesses. In order for us to continue our mission of engaging veterans in Social Development. 
We’re focused on becoming the greatest social Development organization in the world.

 Finance: Director Finance has overall control and responsibility for all financial aspects of organization strategy and is expected to analyse figures and implement recommendations based on these findings with the most cost effective outcomes. He manages and leading a team through difficult periods including month end, year end and annual budgeting and organization audit and financial review.

Management Sections/Units

Finance, Accounts and Grants: The financial management is based at the head-office and supported by all Sub offices, under the Director Finance. The section is managed by two Managers; one for finance and the other for grants management. Both the managers are supported by their staff and branded software for financial accounting and sub-grants management. The applications are one of the best available web-based software in Pakistan, recommended by most of the donors and auditors. The accounting software, assets management, payroll and taxation. 


Annual general meetings

The annual general meetings (AGM) are held one’s in year it is very important platforms for getting all the key stakeholders together to discuss the Financial Reports and plan the way ahead. Various important issues like programmatic, administrative and financial, are discussed during the AGMs.


Under the constitution and the law mandates it, Hape must sure regular audits is be done every Financial year. This audit can include multiple aspects, like programme audit, financial audit, and so on. It is done by internal or external or both kind of auditors.

Our approach

Our Journey
Our purpose is to make sure all deprived communities get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is.
Whether it is a reassuring conversation, financial help, education, professional training, or simply the assurance that they are not alone, we will make sure that everyone gets support that meets them where they’re at as quickly as possible.
We strive
We want to build a world where no child or youth feels alone and gets every possible help they need as soon as possible.
Our entire team wants to see a world where every youngster struggling in any way feels able to reach out and has people who’ll help them with education, jobs, and more. We want to spread out in every region so we’ll be reachable to all.

Our numbers that speak

  • We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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