Beginnings of Dreams

Change the Mindset, Change the Society.

Dream’s Begin…

12-year old Shogna and 10-years old Aneeta are sisters and living in Village sharif Abad, Their  father  died and Their  mother  married with their uncle. They belong with Kohli Community. Kohli Community is lower community in Hindu’s it is neglected and depressed Community in subcontinent. They belong with Darwar family, Hundreds of years they are far from education, Majority of their villages have no schools. During the 2015 HAPE Development and welfare Association opened School with support of Government of sindh & Sindh Education Foundation in Village Sharif Abad. Shogna & Aneeta, nor Their  siblings, had ever been to school.

Living in a simple house in an isolated and canal area, Shogna & Aneeta family has always struggled to make ends meet. Their  Guardant works on small patch of land to grow different Crops for themselves or often labours on Their s’ fields to earn some money. They have always had to lend a hand towards household chores and increasingly take over their mother ’s share of work every time their mother  was weak. Sibling care, going to collect grass for their cattle, grinding maize, cooking, cleaning, fetching water and much more were Shogna & Aneeta normal routine, and school was never a part of that.

When HAPE Team Raimal (community volunteer) visited Their  home, Shogna & Aneeta mother confessed, “Shogna & Aneeta along the difficult terrain and time spent at school will mean a huge loss of help at home for me. Their 3 younger brothers help on the fields when possible but no one can expect boys to do the house work. Men don’t do these things. I do know that some girls are going to school in the village. But what’s the point? Girls have to eventually end up at home after marriage. Look at my situation. Why waste Shogna & Aneeta time at a school? And who else will help me? Are you going to provide for our needs?”


Team, continued to visit Shogna & Aneeta family to convince them about the benefits of education, not just for Shogna & Aneeta, but for all their children. Shogna & Aneeta grandmother agreed to sent both in school She was willing to accept that perhaps it was time that girls got more access to education and freedom, unlike in Their  generation. Raimal Shogna & Aneeta and encouraged There that they had a right to go to school. Although, Shogna & Aneeta mother  didn’t whole-heartedly agree, thankfully, after Their  husband and mother -in-law gave their consent, Shogna & Aneeta were enrolled in Grade 1 in December 2016. Their siblings followed soon after.

“If girls could walk long distances to cut wood from trees then why couldn’t they walk to school? It was time to cut down the roots of wrong mindsets. I was always told that going to school didn’t matter, especially for girls as their education wouldn’t be of any use to their parents. Now, I know better. I am in school and I want to study further. I want to carve a different future for myself. I have places to go and things to do, and getting an education is the only way.” says Anita.

After Four Years Aneeta win Scholarship from IBA for Public School Hyderabad. She got First Position in Hole Taluka/Tehsil Matli. Now she is continuing studying in Public school Hyderabad in Six Class



HAPE Development & Welfare Association Badin established Information Centre (IC) in Matli with support of District Health Department Badin, and works exclusively on the issue of People’s Knowledge about Polio and E.P.I because majority of community rely on Traditional Information and humor bases information and also to sensitize, Aware, build the responsibly among the Community and Alert through Short Massaging Service (SMS) in Local Languages. District Health Department supported in Data collocation of Mobile Numbers in UC Halipota. 

  • HAPE Development & Welfare Association Badin collected 6055 Mobile numbers from UC Halipota Council through Heath department, Teachers and Volunteers.
  • Data collectors utmost collected literate Mobile phone users it’s self
  • HAPE Send 2 or 3 Massages in Sindhi, Urdu and English on daily bases all week and used Ufone and Zong networks for Massaging,
  • Mobile Company provided 8000 Massages in 84 rupees for one Month. aapproximately we send 16000 Massages during SMS4Polio Campaign in week.
  • After Successful campaign number of missed area was not reported in UC Halipota.
  • According the compilation report of zonal supervisor, Number of children vaccinated in previous Round was 5076 children’s but in this round after SMS4Polio Campaign reported 5572 in Union Council Halipota. As the increase 500 children only in one week campaign.
  • EDO- Health Reported that Coverage report of NIDs March 2009 was 200 more in the Comparison of NIDs January 2009.
  • The SMS4Polio Campaign have Directly expend only 5000 rupees on UC campaign if divide the total cost of the operation in UC by the number of children vaccinated is 0.89 cost per vaccinated child.
  • After starting of SMS4Polio Campaign we observed local Health teams of Polio are review their strategies and planning and take it’s very serious.
  • During the Polio Campaign HAPE team sort out the Mobile numbers in Deh wise and sending Polio teams schedule Deh wise,
  • During the Polio campaign send Islamic related massages to Pesh Imam and try to Mobilized as they would announced the Polio days through Loud speaker.
  • After and during the campaign circulate the EDO-Health Office Number for the purpose of inquiry and sharing the information about missing areas or childerns,
  • Try make machnusim of Community monitoring system.
  • Mr Abdul Khalique Chang he is the supervisor in Union council Halipota, He said After SMS4Polio campaign many persons they know me called me and get schedule of polio teams in their villages and first day of polio campaign many persons called me and asked me why polio teams not reached in our villages? I shared the Schedule of their villages, He further said when Polio teams reached at village Ahmed bubar villagers already waiting for polio team and fully cooperate with polio teams.


Majority of Problems wait for your movements...

The Village Khan Wah is one of the oldest villages of Union Council Rajo Khanani, Taluka Talhar District Badin. HAPE Development and Welfare Association Conducted seminar on Civic Education at  at Village, During the Seminar Hima Bai Raised the Issue of Water in Village. Hima bai told that majority of community belongs to Kohali tribe. It is located at a distance of two kilometers from the east of Rajo Khanani. The total population of the village is about 1800 that are living in 110 houses built by clay. There is only road but they have not electricity and a primary school for boys and Grilse. The main source of income of the people is agriculture and livestock. The main source of water for the people of the village is contaminated water of wells and water canal. The villagers are using polluted water from the wells and Water Canal for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing. This is result in water borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, skin diseases. About 70 to 80 percent of the population is suffering from diseases such as hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and kidney stones HAPE and SPO planed the Advocacy Campaign for Village. Plan the highlight that On average villages spend up to six hours a day collecting water.

HAPE  suggested that all villagers formed the community based Organization at village level for advocacy

Villagers Formed the CBO at Village and select the CBO body during the meeting

Village Community Committee Submitted Application with the support of HAPE at Executive Engineer Public Health Department Badin and get time for Community meeting at Office

HAPE arranged the Meeting with Executive Engineer Public Health Department Badin with Community

Assistant Engineer Mr. Lal said it very alarming Situation and we have not any information about this Problem He instructed the SDO for Solve the Problem After Success full meeting assistant Engineer Mr. Miyan Arshad Visit the Village and finalized the feasibility report  during the visit  He Decided he will submit Visit report feasibility report to our higher authority, He Said our water Project in Rajo Khanani is in Civil work Step so with in Two Months we Started Providing water in City and I have Promise with all of you Public Health Department will Provide Pipeline at Khan Wah with in Two Months. After Two Months Public Health Department Provided Pipeline at Khan Wah. Now they used safe drinking water from Rajo khanani water supply scheme. Hima bai is very happy and aware that one movement would solve the problems.  

Through CBO HAPE open Primary School with the support of Sindh Education Foundation. 252 students getting free Quality education. Now Hima Bai is very happy with Hape and their team.

The Case of Children’s Park

In January 2015, few children (age, 6 to 10) came to register their complaint in a Mobile ALAC which was held in district Badin. Their complaints were about a park which was built for them but had been closed for the last three months because it was not inaugurated by a VIP. HAPE & Transparency International  Pakistan calle the Town Municipal Officer (TMO) and provided details of the complaint. HAPE  follow it up and submitted application with children and conducted many meetings with district government and community. after follow up TMO immediately investigated the matter and ordered his staff to first clean the park and open it for the children.

HAPE Development and Welfare Association followed up the complaint. Just one week follow up park had been opened for the children . The impact of this case was that the citizens became aware of the children’s fight for their rights. The children have become a source of motivation for the elders. The results not only encouraged these children, but also motivated their elders not to be intimidated in reporting such cases. The other important aspect of the case was the immediate response of the TMO. It shows that if government officials start performing their duties with honesty, corruption can be eradicated. 

The Best Experience Ever