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HAPE Development and welfare association Badin sindh Pakistan founded by A group of dynamic & talented professional volunteers was on board in 2002. The organization registered under Social Welfare voluntary Organization Act: 1961with Directorate of Social Welfare / Community Development Department Government of Sindh Pakistan.
HAPE is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political civil society organization. It aims to render services mainly in social development sector in the field of relief assistance, livelihood provision, health, education, climate change, Human Rights, Water and Sanitation, Good Governance, capacity building and knowledge sharing.
HAPE development and welfare association is operating schools in district Badin and providing free Quality Education. Through skills development centers build the capacity of Young male and female groups.
Over the years, Hape has partnered with various entities – government, corporates, individuals and other NGO/NPOs for several undertakings of greater good.In the last 18 years Hape has rendered it services to several slum residents, migrants, minorities, children, women, youth and vulnerable people in lower sindh and has touched the lives of more than 5 lakh individuals.

As Hape marches forward with its partners in its journey towards uplifting the marginalized, it keeps on expanding its horizon of the communities it serves. In this journey, Hape has received several accolades for its programs, internal systems, organizational ethics, best practices in resource mobilization and sustainability models, the latest one of them being the – India NGO Award 2014-15 in the Health category


Organizational Structure

Organization has a general Body which comprised on 364 members including 118 female members. Organization has Executive committee of 10 members which is the responsible for planning and reviews of the organizational activities and give suggestions. There are six office bearers who are responsible to implement the organization program. Each programme is being implemented by the concerned Programme Manager. Proper implementation of activities according to the work plan is the responsibility of the concerned manager. However, the head office regularly monitors activities of these programs through progress review meetings, field visits and progress reports. Other activities of head office are liaison with the donor organizations, networking with government departments, CSOs, fund raising and preparation of various documents.

The organization has double entry accounting system and financial policy. All the organizational matters are guided by the policy manual which is under development for further improvements with the help of consultations of professional organizations, Executive committee members and individual consultants. Regular audit of accounts is conducted by renowned external auditors.

Strategic priorities

  1. Education/capacity building
  2. Livelihoods
  3. Human security in natural emergencies i.e. floods & earthquake
  4. Gender equality
  5. Enterprise development
  6. Human Rights
  7. Environment
  8. Health

Financial Resource

HAPE has got funding through financial Resources are the monthly membership fee, Government, National and International organisations and support of local philanthropists.


— Our Vision

Socio-economic empowerment of the society through involvement of community to form balanced civil society.

— Our Mission

To enhance the capacities of the vulnerable and marginalized poor segment of the society particularly youth, women, children by building social capital for poverty reduction and sustainable development.

— Our Goals

Our goals are aligned with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of United Nation;
  1. MDG-1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
  2. MDG-2 a) Achieve Universal Primary Education
  3. b) Enhance Quality of Education
  4. MDG-3 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  5. MDG-4 Reduce Child Mortality
  6. MDG-5 Improve Maternal Health
  7. MDG-6 Combat HIV / Aids, Malaria & other Diseases
  8. MDG-7 Ensure Environmental Sustainability


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